Gumnut Enterprises is a is a partnership between Rob and Sherry vanSpronssen. We are located in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, B.C. Canada. 

Rob has a strong technical background, with over thirty years experience in software and systems development, leading diverse teams in the design, build, and commissioning of large scale business critical systems in various domains including wireless networking, weather, aviation, remote sensing, and land and property administration. Rob is an experienced recreational boater and is commercially qualified to operate a vessel of up five gross tonnes with up to twelve passengers. Rob is fluent in marine electronic navigation capabilities and marine electrical systems and has created electrical, navigation, and security systems designs for vessels ranging from twenty feet to vessels upwards of eighty feet. 

Rob is proficient in web site design, domain name services, wired and wireless networking, and an expert in many desktop productivity tools. Rob’s unique combination of skills supported the creation of the EyeOnBoard Yacht Security solution in 2002 and Gumnut Enterprises continues to maintain this business today.

Sherry and Rob have many years of experience in special needs, with a particular focus on children and young adults impacted by autism spectrum disorder. Sherry and Rob are both familiar with hands on intervention therapies as well as life and estate planning for people with special needs. Sherry is a trained Special Education Assistant for the public school system. Rob has been active in the special needs community for over fifteen years through volunteer board roles with Reach Child and Youth Development Society and with Autism Community Training.

The inspiration for our company comes from Australian children’s stories that we came across while living abroad. These stories feature a wide variety of friendly animals, loosely based on indigenous Australian animals. These animals seek to assist the humans in making daily life more understandable,  bearable, and personally rewarding. We share these same objectives.