Web Site Design

Need a small business website created so that you can get your products and services out there and start blogging? We can set up a simple, mobile friendly, WordPress or Wix website for you in a matter of days. The hardest parts are colors, fonts, and logos. After that its a bit of collaborative design and content creation. We can lead you through this process so that you end up with a website you love, and you can manage it yourself over the long term. Have a look at the Mechanics AdvantageDoggie Vacation and Elaine’s Art websites.

Cloud Services

Are you getting the most out of your Office 365, iCloud, OneDrive and cellular bundles? And the huge range of other cloud services that are out there? Are they working optimally together for you? We can help organize and optimize your cloud services so they meet your unique requirements.


Wireless Networking

Every home and business needs wireless. And it needs to be secure. And it should be partitioned between guests and your private or back office to keep your internal assets secure while allowing full internet access to your guests. Most of the off the shelf routers/firewalls/gateways have very insecure factory default configurations, but need only a small amount of set up to vastly improve wireless security. We can help you with this.

Small Business Networks

Need to get a home or office network set up to take advantage of the blazing speeds that are now coming with fiber optic service? Do you have gamers using your network? A well designed wired network provides the backbone for high speed internet access as well as for the best possible bandwidth on your wireless segments. We can help with the design, equipment selection, and installation of the wired component of your network.