Request a Quote for a Simple Will in British Columbia
A simple Will is suitable for the situation where you are leaving the residual of your estate to your spouse/partner if they survive you, otherwise it is to be evenly divided amongst your surviving children and/or other identified beneficiaries AND where you can identify a trusted person to handle your estate. If this is your situation, you do not need a lawyer or notary. We can help you do it yourself. Please provide the basic information required to create such a Will in British Columbia. Fill it out all the fields as best you can, or put "TBD" there. Don't worry if its not perfect yet. We will email or talk before a draft Will is ready for your review. We will never ask you how much money you have or what assets you own.
Please provide your full legal name.
Please provide your current address in British Columbia.
Where did you live before this? Or grow up? Just a city is enough. This helps to identify you in your Will.
This is how we will contact you. Your email address will not be in your Will.
We will only phone you if we cannot reach you by email. Your phone number will not be in your Will.
If you have been living together with your partner for two years or more please select Common-Law.
If you are married, common-law, or separated please provide your partner's full legal name and current address.
An executor is somebody you fully trust to handle your estate and whom you reasonably expect to outlive you. You should provide at least two executors. The first executor is usually your spouse/partner if you are married or common-law. They could also be your sibling, child or any trusted friend or relative.
If you have children, please provide full legal names, birth dates, and current addresses for each of them. You don't have to repeat your address if they live with you, just note which ones live with you.
If you have minor children, please provide full legal names and current addresses of their guardians. You may also identify alternate guardians if you wish.
If you have other beneficiaries you wish to include, please provide their legal names and current addresses and how you would like to include them in your Will.
Anything else you want included in your Will? Special bequests of certain items or amounts? Burial or Cremation? What if none of your children or other beneficiaries survive you - do you have a favourite charity?
You will need two witnesses who are able to witness and sign (in person) when you sign your Will. Please provide full legal names, current addresses and their occupations. "Retired" or "Homemaker" are acceptable occupations. A witness cannot be your children, executors, or beneficiaries. My wife and I can act as your witnesses if you are in the South Surrey area.
Provide the location(s) you plan to store your will in or at. This is necessary for filing in the government Wills Registry. A safety deposit box, home safe or with your executors are good spots. Your sock drawer is also fine. Each location comes with its own risks and costs. You may put copies in multiple locations.
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